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Financing Classroom Series 3

https://youtu.be/L9ulj5BCv8Y  <Financing Classroom Series 3>3aBusiness should not be solely held responsible for unsuccessful loan applicants3bWhat are the common shortcomings with the lending institutions?

Financing Classroom Series 1

https://youtu.be/9K2NWL994bg  <<Financing Classroom Series 1>>1a 贷款难不难?Is it difficult to get business financing?1b贷款配套:何谓好,何谓对?Financing package: What is right and beneficial financing...

SAHABAT SMI® Corporate Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H1_LQfluuw Wish your business to grow bigger, stronger and be happier with least financial stress?Call us at 012-7020464 (Ms. Fion or Mr. Hing) to find out how you can change the destiny of your company! 

SAHABAT SMI Customer Testimonial

At SAHABAT SMI, we are strong believer in “We always under promise and over deliver.” Learn how our customers benefit from SAHABAT SMI to build a strong business and grow their business with least financial pressure.