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We are in the position to help you overcome such problems effectively. We are confident to ensure that the funding package is right option and beneficial to you.

Are You Facing These Problems?

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Why reject my loan application?

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Where to get funding?

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Why take so long to disburse money?

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Terms & Conditions

Why impose additional T&Cs? Why the terms are so stringent?

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Why reduce & recall my credit facilities?

Our expert team has resolved over 12,090 cases amounting to over RM7,045,000,000

How It Works?

  1. Fill out one simple questionnaire. There’s no fee or obligation, and it won’t impact your credit.
  2. Just spend 15 minutes. Results in 24 hours.



Customize your financing solution quickly and efficiently

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Reducing the possibility of Loan Rejection

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Expedite the process of Disbursement

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Enhancing your possibility of Loan Approval

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Freedom from financing stress

We always Under Promise and Over Deliver

Your Preferred Funding Specialist & Business Advisor.

We have created countless brilliant records and become the benchmark for other companies in the industry to emulate since 2004.


Our Track Records

  • 100% Approved Since 2004
  • >17 Years
  • >12,090 Approval
  • >7,045 Millions Fund Disbursed
  • Most Government Endorsements
  • Platform of Highly Knowledgeable, Exceptionally Informative & Distinctly Connected People
  • Trained Many Popular Loan Consultants, some became SVP of bank

Who Are We?

SAHABAT SMI CONSULTING SDN. BHD. (SAHABAT SMI®) a “Bumiputra Status” business entity was incorporated and commenced on 10th August 2004. SAHABAT SMI® was officiated by the then Minister of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development, Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Bin Nordin and graced by the chairman, Y.B. Dato’ Dr. Rahim Bin Ramli, The President, Council of Johor Royal Court.

SAHABAT SMI® is a registered trademark since commencement because we care for our brand name and are committed to the future of our company as we strive to remain the market leader in this industry by continuing to offer professional and value-added services to our entrepreneur industry clients, instill strong corporate culture and integrity in the organization and of course not forgetting our social responsibility and human consideration to the society.

Today, we are committed to enable your business to grow bigger, stronger, be happier with the least financial stress.

Our HQ and 6 Service Centres map locations:

Johor Bahru (HQ), Northern Johor, Klang Valley, Petaling Jaya, Penang, Kuantan, Sabah

HQ Office

Northern Johor

Klang Valley

Petaling Jaya





Achievements & Recognitions

Started in 2004

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July 2005
Won 6 Corporate Awards

Won 6 Corporate Awards

Malaysia 100 Outstanding SMEs Golden Bull Award
From 2005 to 2009, SAHABAT SMI has won 6 Corporate Awards

January 2010
Awarded Franchisor Status

Awarded Franchisor Status

Being the 1st Consultant to be recognized.
Franchisor Status by KPDNKK2
We have successfully trained 5 established Loan Advisors in the market (2004 – 2010).
Awarded by Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (KPDNKK). Created a precedent in the financing industry

June 2011
Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Ministry of Finance (MOF)

Registered with MOF in the field of Consultation Services

July 2012
Certified ISO 9001

Certified ISO 9001

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Certified ISO 9001

February 2013
Training Provider – Class A

Training Provider – Class A

HRDF LOGO 03 low
Awarded by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB)

March 2013
Panelist of “Franchise Development Program (PPF)”

Panelist of “Franchise Development Program (PPF)”

KPDNHEP and franchise malaysia
Panelist of “Franchise Development Program (PPF)” under Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (KPDNKK) for 2 years.
We have successfully trained 24 Popular Loan Advisors in the market.

April 2016
National Mark of MALAYSIAN BRAND

National Mark of MALAYSIAN BRAND

malaysian brand 2
Certified & Awarded by SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp) & SIRIM.
It is a symbol of Quality • Excellent • Distinction

May 2018
Co-organizer of LICTA

Co-organizer of LICTA

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Jointly organize with Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP), Ministry of Education Malaysia.
This is a prominent and credible certification and excellent business networking platform

June 2020
Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)

Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)

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Full-fledged consultant of MARA under Ministry of Rural Development Malaysia (KPLB).
We are entrusted to train the District Officers in respect of credit assessment and loan advisory

April 2021
Panelist of “Micro Franchise and Affordable Franchise Program”

Panelist of “Micro Franchise and Affordable Franchise Program”

KPDNHEP and franchise malaysia
Being reappointed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) to assist B40 & M40 to startup their franchise business

July 2021


ssmi cert

Awarded as a 4-star company under service category of SCORE by SME Corp. Malaysia.

Our management team consists of many motivated professionals who have many years of experience in their respective fields.

ekonomi nov 2016 front cover

Dewan Ekonomi is the most prominent official business magazine in Malaysia


He is a reputable and prominent SME Funding Specialist, Business Councilor, Entrepreneur & Accredited Angel Investor.


Author of "Decode of Financing"

The First Malaysian hot selling guide book on Business Financing in February 2012

Decode of Financing min

All sale proceeds have been donated for charity purposes.

More Profile on Kolonel Bersekutu (PA) Dato' Lee Chee Weng
  • Bachelor of Technology Management (Hons) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai.
  • He has about 26 years of experience in handling SME loans. He has successfully handled more than 41,000 cases.
  • He successfully coached a number of well-known loans consultants.
  • He was one of the pioneers of Direct Access Guarantee Scheme (DAGS), Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad (CGC) in the year 2000 and Former Branch Manager of CGC in the year 2003.
  • Since the year 2000, he has been invited as the guest speaker by BERNAMA, RTM, Radio AI-FM, Online Radio Stations, Sin Chew Jit Poh, Nanyang Siang Pau, China Press, Oriental Daily News, See Hua Daily News, The Star and many more. He has been featured on the cover of various well-known business magazines. Especially in the year 2016, he has been featured on the “Dewan Ekonomi” magazine front cover which is the most prominent official business magazine in Malaysia.
  • Since the year 2000, he has been continuously invited as the guest speaker for major political parties, business associations and non-governmental organizations.
  • He holds Presidential position in Smart Borrower Organisation of Malaysia, Malaysia-Guangxi Camber of Commerce and Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation, IPD Seri Alam.

Not only he has a thorough knowledge of financing but also has in-depth research on the attributes of each industry. Many seemingly unapproved loan applications have regained their possibility of approval after being recommended by him.

Some of the Magazine Cover

Top News & Interviews

dato interview

Kolonel Bersekutu (PA) Dato’ Lee Chee Weng, Executive Director of SAHABAT SMI Consulting Sdn Bhd is interviewed by BFM.

Dato’ Lee Chee Weng, Executive Director of SAHABAT SMI Consulting Sdn Bhd is interviewed by Bernama Malaysia (Bernama Today)

RTM “What Say You” – SME Decode of Financing (你怎么说 – 中小型企业融资解码) – Dato’ Lee Chee Weng

RTM “What Say You” – Financing Your Business (What Dos & Don’ts) (你怎么说 – 如何顺利获得商业贷款) – Dato’ Lee Chee Weng

Special interviewed by AIFM at Wisma TV, Angkasapuri RTM. Dato’ Lee Chee Weng shared on his entrepreneurship path and financing matter from Monday to Friday (18 April to 22 April 2016)

Special interviewed by AIFM low

More videos can be found on our Youtube.

More Newspaper Publications

More news can be found on our News Page.

Financing Expertise

Financial Institutions | Development Financial Institutions | Entrepreneur Development Agencies

New Access of Fund Raising



Working Capital



Asset Acquisition



Machinery Financing



Start-Ups Funds






Bridging Loan



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Digital Transformation

Loan Restructure / Reschedule




Government Grants & Incentives



Banking & Financial Inst. Appeals



Project Financing



SSMI 2.0

Maximize business successes with more expertise through Government subsidies

After having resolved over 10,000 companies financing problems, we realised that financing issue is not the sole factor leading to the success of a business entity.

Therefore, in order to maximize the growth & success of a SME, SAHABAT SMI ® has assisted our clients to secure the matching grant from government to engage in the followings professional services.

Areas of

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Certification & Quality Management System


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Franchise Registration

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Corporate Advisory

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Training & Coaching


Resource Integration

computer study

Corporate Due Diligence

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signing paper

Legal & Tax Advisory

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Digital Transformation

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SSMI 3.0

Excellent resource integration platform to achieve your business goals

Integration of Resources, Create Mutual Winning

With many years of successful practical experience and a good reputation, we have established a deep foundation of trust with the government’s various Entrepreneur Development Agencies.

Coupled with the continuous expansion of LICTA’s government and business resources, we have excellent conditions to create an entrepreneurial incubation platform to assist more entrepreneurs to succeed.

SAHABAT SMI ® has created a resource integration platform that comprises highly knowledgeable, exceptionally informative and distinctly connected people.

We welcome outstanding, genuine and trustworthy entrepreneurs to join our platform to make contributions to the current economy.

Some of our photos on networking sessions with VVIPs including, but not limited to, Governors, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Menteri Besar, Chief Ministers, Excos, Executive Chairmen, Director Generals, CEOs of various Entrepreneurs Development Agencies, Government Agencies, & many more.

We also led a few delegations to China to connect to the Government bodies & some official business associations of China.

Dato’ Lee Chee Weng has been appointed as the Council Member of “Guangxi Overseas Friendship Association of China” since year 2016.

More photos can be found on our Activities and Gallery Page.

Happy Clients

Our company has successfully obtained government soft loan within a short period of time via advice rendered by Dato’ Lee.

Mr. P’ng Aik Fong
Managing Director, Star Labs Bioscience Sdn Bhd

We have overcome the problem which encountered by our company for the past 2 decades with the assistance of Dato’ Lee. We have managed to become one of the suppliers for Japan car manufacturer.

Mr. Lee Chee Cheong
Managing Director, Dunia Polymer Extrusion Sdn Bhd

Managed to identify and unblocking the bottleneck and subsequently creating the phenomenon growth of my company. Also helped to solve some bureaucracy problems encountered by us.

Dr. Terence Teoh
Co-Founder, One Doc Medical Group Sdn Bhd

Hi, my name is Lee Lin Fong. I’m the founder and managing partner of Lee & Partner. As a lawyer, we can only provide legal solution to our clients, when comes to financing, we have no knowledge, so I’ve attended 5 days workshop organized by SAHABAT SMI.

So through the 5 days workshop, I managed to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding about business financing. It is totally changed my perception about business financing. Now I understand why SAHABAT SMI is so outstanding and becomes a leader in financing industry.

Dato’ Lee Lin FongManaging Partner, Lee & Partners

Hi everyone, I’m Jie Hao, L Group founder. Over past 10 years, I’ve found it difficult for me to penetrate the market of corporate clients. Luckily, I get to know SAHABAT SMI Franchisee Program. With 5 days course, I fully understand the key success of business financing, uncovering the myth about business financing.

I’ve to thank Dato’ Lee Chee Weng and SAHABAT SMI for his selfless sharing and his assistance to my corporate clients. They’re very happy and satisfied with the support given by SAHABAT SMI as well as the business solutions.

Mr. Lee Jie HaoGroup Sales Manager, L Group of Great Eastern Life Insurance (M) Bhd

Dato’ Lee helped me to solve the loan matter and negotiate with the bank.

After two to three weeks, I received the offer letter from Maybank.

Thank you Dato’ Lee!

Mr. Tay Leong SengManaging Director, SML Motorcycle Sdn Bhd

My construction related business has 30 years of history and once we’re No.1 in Johor. At one time, my long term bank associate had suddenly requested to call back all of my credit facilities, asking me to pay back everything, it was my most difficult time when this happened, if they really insist to call back everything, my business will close down.

At this critical moment, I get to know Dato’ Lee, he helped me all the way and solved my financial crisis, my business was saved from closing down. I greatly thank Dato’ Lee for everything he has done for me.

Mr. Lee Pong Fui
Managing Director, All Pak Industries Sdn Bhd

Bank always turn down when you have difficulties, but not Dato’ Lee.

He personally put his 100% effort to get the loan for us or retain the facilities which is supposed to be recalled back.

He put up the things in line and gave the bank a good write-up about my company.

SAHABAT SMI, thank you very much! Good Luck!

Mr. A.S.NathanManaging Director, Alpha Guard Security Services Sdn Bhd

Thanks to SAHABAH SMI, when I take up any orders, there is nothing I need to worry about as I have no worries about cash flow issues.

Thanks to Dato’ Lee, cash flow is no longer an obstacle to me. My company can now grow stronger and bigger.

Mr. Lai Chern SeongManaging Director, Erat Bersepadu Sdn Bhd

More testimonials can be found on our Youtube, Facebook, and from word-of-mouth.

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